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Moving to DUPLECAST IPTV reseller can provide you with numerous benefits. As a reseller, you will have access to discounted prices, allowing you to sell IPTV subscriptions to your customers at a profit. DUPLECAST IPTV PLAYER also offers a user-friendly control panel for resellers to manage their accounts, making it easy to keep track of customer subscriptions and billing. Additionally, Duplecast IPTV provides excellent customer support, ensuring that any issues or concerns are addressed promptly. Overall, becoming a Duplecast IPTV reseller can provide you with a reliable and profitable business opportunity in the growing IPTV market.

Provider Business Card

The Provider Info Card feature allows users to view information about the provider of the content they are streaming, such as their name and contact information.

Protect Playlists

Securely lock your playlists with a custom password and control who can access your content with DupleCast's password protection feature.

Manage Codes

Manage Codes features the most user-friendly panel for delivering codes/licenses to end-users based on their TV device's MAC address.


DUPLECAST provides excellent support, ensuring that all queries and issues are addressed promptly. We take your suggestions and feedback seriously to continuously improve our services and offer the best user experience possible.

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Take advantage of the big discounts offered on reseller accounts at DUPLECAST and explore profitable business opportunities.

Provider Business Card

Provider Business Card is a feature in DUPLECAST Business that allows users to view important information about their IPTV providers. The card displays the provider's contact details, including their Telegram, WhatsApp, and email addresses, as well as their avatar and playlist expiration date. This feature provides users with a convenient way to access their provider's information, allowing them to easily communicate and stay informed about their IPTV service.

Lock your Playlist with password

This feature allows users to secure their playlists by setting a password via the manager device on the website. This feature ensures that only authorized persons can access and make changes to the playlist. The password can be easily set up and changed anytime, giving users full control over the security of their playlist. Additionally, this feature adds an extra layer of protection for sensitive or confidential content in the playlist.

Easy to use

Manage Codes/Licenses panel is a powerful and easy-to-use tool designed to help resellers manage their customers' access to DUPLECAST IPTV Player. With this panel, resellers can easily generate codes and licenses, assign them to specific devices, and track their usage. This allows for more efficient and organized management of customer accounts and ensures that only authorized devices are accessing the IPTV service.

Additional Features

Free Additional Sections


Listen to live radio stations from around the world on DUPLECAST IPTV PLAYER.


The Pictures section on DUPLECAST IPTV PLAYER offers a wide range of options, including relaxing images, anime pictures, and funny memes.


Shorts section offers a collection of funny, entertaining, and informative videos in just a few seconds. Discover gags, anime clips, and hilarious moments to brighten up your day.


The sports overview section provides a comprehensive look at upcoming games, scores, and highlights from various sports leagues and events. Stay up-to-date with the latest news and results in just a few clicks.

Box Office

The Box Office section at DUPLECAST IPTV PLAYER provides up-to-date information on the latest movie releases and their box office performance.

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