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DUPLECAST IPTV PLAYER is an advanced and user-friendly IPTV media player that offers live TV, video on demand, sports overview, radio, and other entertainment features. Its customizable playlists, multi-language support, and parental control make it a comprehensive and affordable streaming solution.


DUPLECAST IPTV PLAYER stands out from other media players because of its advanced features, user-friendly interface, and affordability. With DUPLECAST, you can enjoy live TV, video on demand, sports overview, radio, and more, all in one place. Its customizable playlists, multi-language support, parental control, and other features make it a top choice for anyone looking for a comprehensive and affordable streaming solution. So why settle for anything less when you can have the best with DUPLECAST IPTV PLAYER?

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Our guide provides an easy way to browse and discover new content, last watching and more

Live Channels

provides an easy-to-use interface to access all your favorite streaming services in one place


Discover your favorite movies and enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience with Duplecast's vast selection of films and easy-to-use interface.


Duplecast offers a vast collection of popular TV series, ranging from the latest releases to all-time favorites, in high-quality resolution and with the convenience of on-demand viewing.

Time Shift

Duplecast's Time Shift section allows you to rewind and replay live TV, giving you more control over your viewing experience. Enjoy the ultimate flexibility and never miss a moment again.


Duplecast's radio feature includes over 30000 stations from around the world, providing a vast selection of music and talk shows for all tastes and interests. Enjoy listening to your favorite stations on any device with Duplecast's user-friendly interface.


Duplecast's picture section features a diverse selection of images, including funny memes, stunning relaxing nature, captivating anime, and more, all in one convenient place.


Duplecast Shorts section offers a collection of hilarious memes, gags, and other funny short videos in a user-friendly interface, providing a great entertainment experience.


Duplecast's sports section offers live coverage and highlights of more than 15 sports, including soccer, basketball, tennis, and more. Stay up-to-date on your favorite teams and athletes with our comprehensive sports overview.

Box Office

Discover the latest releases in the Box Office, catch up on popular TV shows, and keep up with your inbox all in one place with Duplecast's Box Office section.

Movies & Series

The Movies & Series section of Duplecast offers a vast library of popular titles from different genres and regions. From action-packed blockbusters to heartwarming dramas, users can easily search and select their preferred content. With Duplecast's advanced features like resume watching, multi-audio, and subtitles, viewers can enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows without any interruption. Duplecast is the ultimate streaming solution for anyone who loves movies and series.


Live channels

Duplecast offers a comprehensive selection of live channels from around the world, including news, sports, entertainment, and more. With multiple categories and languages to choose from, users can customize their viewing experience to suit their preferences. With Duplecast's advanced IPTV technology, users can enjoy smooth and high-quality streaming on any device.

Live Channels

Radio stations

Duplecast offers access to over 30,000 radio stations from around the world, covering a wide range of genres and languages. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful search feature, you can easily discover and tune in to your favorite radio stations. Whether you prefer music, news, sports, or talk radio, Duplecast has something for everyone.

radio stations

Watch Shorts

Duplecast offers a diverse range of entertaining shorts, including funny videos, memes, gags, and more. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily browse and discover new content, from popular viral videos to unique and original content. Whether you're in the mood for a quick laugh or want to explore new and exciting content, Duplecast has something for everyone.


Sports Overview

Duplecast's Sports Overview provides real-time results and historical data for over 15 sports, making it the go-to destination for sports enthusiasts. Stay up to date with the latest scores, highlights, and news on your favorite teams and athletes. With Duplecast, you'll never miss a moment of the action.



Duplecast provides a vast collection of pictures that cater to different interests, including nature, animals, funny memes, anime, and more. With just a few clicks, you can access a wide range of high-quality images to browse and enjoy. Whether you're looking for a stunning landscape, an adorable animal, or a hilarious meme, Duplecast has got you covered. So sit back, relax, and discover an endless stream of captivating pictures right at your fingertips.


Box Office

Duplecast's Box Office offers a comprehensive collection of the latest movies and popular TV shows. With its user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate menu, you can quickly find and stream your favorite content. From action-packed blockbusters to romantic comedies, Duplecast's Box Office has something for everyone. Don't miss out on the latest releases - start streaming today!


Duplecast for Kids

Duplecast for Kids is a special feature of Duplecast IPTV player that ensures a safe and secure viewing experience for children. With parental lock, parents can restrict access to adult content and enable safe browsing for their kids. The player also has an auto-detection feature that identifies and filters out adult content, ensuring that children only have access to age-appropriate material.

In addition to the parental lock and content filtering features, Duplecast for Kids offers a wide range of child-friendly channels and programs that cater to different age groups and interests. From educational shows to cartoons and animated movies, there's something for every child to enjoy. With Duplecast for Kids, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their children are only viewing content that's safe and suitable for their age.